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At home w workout equipment, kettlebells, resistance bands

At Home Workout Equipment

Whether you find it too hard to get to the gym, you’re not quite ready or you just want to be able to continue your fitness journey outside of our classes, there are plenty of ways you can stay fit and active at home.

Resistance bands

Such a versatile piece of equipment and a great addition to your strength training program or rehabilitation program. I love incorporating them into my own training and with my PT clients (and my eldest daughter even uses them as part of her netball training) as they are great for increasing or decreasing difficulty of exercises, for activating specific muscles, for rehab and stretching.

They recruit your stabilising muscles and are a great alternative to machines while being lightweight and super portable (perfect for current environment where you may have limited equipment and no access to the gym)!

You can purchase bands from all fitness and workout stores, some physiotherapists and department stores. To be honest with you, the ones I have been using lately are from Kmart Australia and they are great and come in 4 different resistance levels.


Another great piece of equipment for working out at home. They are portable and versatile as there are so many exercises you can perform with one. They are the perfect all-in-one total body conditioning equipment and if you have one you can incorporate it into our online at home workouts, which will also teach you how to use on and what are the best exercises to do with a Kettlebell.