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Corporate Fitness

Corporate fitness is the ultimate high-powered way to transform your employees’ fitness, productivity and organisational culture. There are many benefits from providing a health, fitness and exercise program in your workplace, from attraction and retention of staff, improvement in your employees’ health, self confidence, happiness and productivity and also creating a genuine culture of wellbeing and staff engagement. If this is something you would like to incorporate at your workplace, we have the corporate fitness solution to fit. 

Personalised Programs that cater to every body

From small groups to large teams we cover it all and ensure that it is tailored to all ages and fitness levels. We design, operate and manage corporate fitness programs for organisations offering onsite fitness sessions or online programs that are enjoyable, fun, effective and suit all your health and wellbeing needs. All of our programs and sessions are designed to improve your employees’ health, fitness and wellbeing while also reducing their likelihood of injury and illness and increasing happiness and general workplace culture.

Yoga in the park for Corporate Fitness by Kelly Delfos

Your Choice

Programs and classes can be delivered as a one off intensive 30-45 min session ideal for workshops, planning days, conferences, team building days, staff meetings etc or can be delivered over a set number of weeks ie. 6-8 weeks. If you still have staff working from home during this period we can also provide online sessions where your staff can join in from anywhere and do a fitness session online with us as trainers. We have organisations that use this as a weekly lunch time session or as a great way to start the day with a morning session before work. We are very flexible and want to help you find a way to incorporate workplace health and fitness into your organisation. Contact us to talk about options for your workplace! 

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Client Testimonials

“Our Corporate PT sessions with Jason and Kelly have been fun, whilst also challenging and catered to all fitness levels and ages. We had a range of staff participate including beginners, marathon runners, people with injuries and/or health concerns. All staff members were considered and felt able to complete all the sessions to their ability and beyond. We could see fitness levels and staff morale improve each week."
Nicole M
Barry Nilsson Lawyers
Our corporate PT sessions were a great distraction from the office, allowing staff to get away from their desk, outside for fresh air and refocus. It benefits their mental and physical health and well being whilst creating bonds with colleagues and, in turn, allowing them to work better as a team. We look forward to more PT sessions which are starting again soon.
Nicole M
Barry Nilsson Lawyers