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Junior Strength & Conditioning

Youths and adolescents can benefit from Strength & Conditioning, but have unique needs as they develop skills, speed and strength. All while going through periods of rapid physical development and growth.

Increase Fitness, Strength and Performance

Strength training is now well-recognised as both safe and effective for children and adolescents. When appropriately designed and supervised by qualified professionals and consistent with the needs, goals and abilities of each individual.

Our term based Junior Strength & Conditioning Programs are for children aged 10-17 years. The program will assist in developing the foundations needed to help increase athletic performance, individual strength goals, individual fitness goals & much more!

Junior Strength & Conditioning, Junior fitness program South Australia

Improve Sports Participation

In many cases, sports participation alone, does not offer sufficient adaptation to build individual strength and conditioning foundations.. In some cases too much sport can cause a number of issues for these juniors. Resistance training in all forms (e.g. strength, power or speed training) can help to reduce these issues by protecting against injuries.

Not only is this program designed to help improve current sport/athletic performance, they offer children the ability to increase their current strength and fitness levels, even if they are not involved in sport or physical activity. 

The Program

The program sessions are designed (with progression over the 8 week period) and run by Jason who is a highly qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach. Jason has an enormous amount of experience to deliver these sessions for all abilities and levels. We love seeing the improvement and progression with the juniors who do our programs.

It is run as an 8 week block during the school terms. There are two sessions available for our participants to access. 

The sessions are held at The Studio at West Beach and currently run on;

Monday’s 4pm-4:45pm
Thursday’s 4pm-4:45pm

The 8 week term program is $90

If you have any questions about whether this program will be suitable for your child, please reach out to us via email or calling 0403 156 896.

Spaces are limited each term and programs sell out fast, so contact us to book your spot now.

Junior Fitness Adelaide

Participant Testimonials

Ollie and Ella have been coming along to our Junior Strength and Conditioning program for 3 terms now. Ollie is 13 years old and can't believe how much fitter and stronger he has become... "Honestly I didn’t think this would make a difference to my fitness levels and strength but after 3 terms I can’t believe how much fitter and stronger I have become." Ella, 11 years old found it hard to start but is enjoying it now... "At the start it seemed really hard but after doing it for 3 terms I can’t believe how much I have improved and enjoy coming every week." And Mum, Sarah loves the opportunity the program has given the kids... "It’s really nice to give the kids the opportunity to build strength and fitness aimed directly for kids in a great and safe family environment."
Junior Strength Participants
Ollie & Ella
Kelly from The Studio at West Beach has worked extensively with our senior students over the last few years through her weekly Bootcamp sessions. She is always energetic, inspirational and encouraging of our students who at times can be reluctant to push themselves, but always end up genuinely loving her classes. She is an outstanding motivator and communicator who helps students to understand, not just the importance of exercise, but also the processes at work within their bodies, leading to a greater appreciation of and connection with physical activity. She has been a wonderful role model to our all-female student cohort, as she is always willing to work hard alongside the girls and practice what she preaches. Kelly can quickly adapt her sessions based on the space available to us on the day, be it inside or outside, large or small. It hasn’t always been easy to find instructors that are willing to come and work on-site, but Kelly has all the qualifications, clearances and insurance required to work in educational settings. Kelly has always been incredibly professional in her interactions with staff and students and her pricing is fair and reasonable. Absolute value for money. I have no hesitation in highly recommending her if your school requires the services of a personal trainer and effective, fun and tailored fitness program.
Junior Fitness Participant - St Dominic's Priory Colllege
Tom Grant