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Jas Delfos and Kel Delfos owners of The Studio at West Beach

Meet the Trainers

Working out isn’t just about breaking a sweat – it’s about forging connections, supporting one another, and celebrating each other’s victories.

Our team of dedicated trainers bring expertise in fitness as well as a genuine passion for creating a supportive environment. Our trainers will guide, motivate, and inspire you on your fitness journey. 


Let's get to know the heart and soul of The Studio

Kelly Delfos - Head Trainer

Kelly is a qualified Personal Trainer and health coach who has 20+ years experience in the fitness industry in a variety of roles. She is the founder of FitM.U.M (My Ultimate Motivation), The Studio at West Beach and The Studio Online and has multiple ecookbooks and successful fitness programs. A wife and mum of 2 beautiful girls, she aspires every day to be the best role model she can be for them. With a passion for helping women prioritise their own health, happiness and fitness, Kelly knows how to guide you in creating a healthy and active lifestyle you desire to achieve and love.

Kelly takes a holistic and balanced approach to health, fitness and wellness incorporating her knowledge, experience and credentials, including nutrition and exercise prescription. Not only does she know what works for the physical body but she knows the importance of a healthy mindset and mental wellbeing.

The real motivator for Kelly’s passion and drive is the community she has created in all of the businesses she has been involved in. She knows what it takes to create a fun and friendly environment and how to get results. Kelly prides herself on the thriving community of likeminded people that she continues to build both online and in real life and knows she can help so many women reach their potential and incorporate health and fitness into their everyday life without it being overwhelming.

Jason Delfos - Head Trainer

Jason has been a Fitness Professional for 14+ years, he also is a current Performance Triathlon Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Olympic and Power Lifting Coach, Swimming Coach, Ironman/Triathlon top Age Grouper (World Championship qualification 2015 & 2018) over a variety of distances, former semi-professional Football/Soccer Goalkeeper and also husband and busy Dad of 2 beautiful girls.

Jason has the experience and knowledge to make exercise a part of everyday life. He has incredible knowledge when it comes to exercise prescription and programming and knows what works. Jason keeps up to date with the latest knowledge when it comes to all things fitness and ensures he incorporates this knowledge into all his programs and training so that you get the best outcomes and results out of your training.

Jas Delfos. Coach and owner of The Studio at West Beach
Coach and Trainer Michelle at The Studio at West Beach

Coach Michelle

Hi, my name is Michelle, and although The Studio is not new to me for working out, I now have the privilege of working as a trainer amongst this fantastic community.

After kicking myself in the backside and working on my health over the last few years, I learned just how important working on our health in the long term is, and took that to the next level by studying certificates in fitness. 

I have a background in group fitness within the running community, and have elevated that to include gym group fitness classes now. I hope I can inspire others to work on their health and wellbeing by including exercise in their everyday lives. 

I want you to join in on my classes with the knowledge that we are all here to get stronger both physically and mentally, everyone has a right to feel confident and safe in a fitness environment, and you will feel that at The Studio at West Beach. 

My running mantra when things get tough has always been “Today I can” 

The same applies to any fitness. One day I won’t be able to do this, but, today I can.

Coach Paula

As a dedicated mother of four, Paula brings a caring perspective to the world of personal training. With a passion for health and fitness and a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by busy parents and families, Paula is committed to helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals with a supportive approach.

Being a qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, along with a qualified Registered Nurse (RN1), Paula combines professional nursing expertise and experience with great fitness and training experience.

Paula’s passion is in holistic health care with an emphasis on the importance of balance, consistency, and self-care. Through a combination of strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and mindful nutrition, Paula helps clients build not only physical strength but also mental resilience and confidence.

Coach Paula at The Studio West Beach

Client Testimonials

I’ve known Kelly since July 2018. I had liked her page some years back & had followed her posts. Being a mum if 2 I felt I could relate to Kelly’s post as she was a mum tackling real life issues.Kelly has motivated me & I’ve lost 12kg to date & I have gained fitness & motivation. She has helped me with food to ensure I am in the right track. Kelly's training has changed my life & I highly recommend her! Her positive can do attitude & drive makes you succeed aswell!
Maria M
Kelly provides such a fun and supportive environment to train in. She is non-judgmental and is very understanding and as I call it "she keeps it real". Kelly has that juggle just like us with kids, partners, work and life in general. She understands that sometimes things don't go to plan and you get side tracked from your goals. Kelly is always there with a cheerful smile to offer support and guide you back to being the best version of yourself.
Belinda D
Kelly is personally approachable and an expert in her field. Her hands on approach to helping you obtain the best workout possible is her upmost priority. Kelly's energy and love of life is infectious, if you are willing, she will deliver."
Camille R