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Winter Cold& Flu Remedies

We are all susceptible to the dreaded colds and flu during winter, but I thought I would share a few of my go to natural remedies to help move the germs along fast and alleviate the nasty symptoms. Can I also just say how important correct and thorough hand washing and antibacterial hand santisers are when you are sick to help minimise the spreading of germs. My other disclaimer is to encourage you to stay home to rest and recuperate when you are unwell. This not only means that you will get better sooner, but you will not be passing it on to others around you.
Here are a few of my tried and tested remedies:

Salt Water

As long as I can remember, my mum has always told me to gargle with salt water for a huge range of ailments. I now gargle with warm water and salt as soon as I start to feel those first few signs and symptoms of getting sick.

Honey and Lemon

I just add them to a mug of boiling water and sip it like a cup of tea. The honey soothes a sore throat and can also work as a cough suppressant. The lemon works as an antioxidant, is quite high in vitamin C and helps with hydration.

Olive Leaf Extract

I take this in capsule form, but you can also get it as a liquid or powder (personal preference). Olive leaf boosts your immune system and reduces free radicals that form in the body. The main component in olive leaf extract has antioxidant, antibacterial, anti inflammatory and immune stimulating properties.

Vitamin C

I try to get my vitamin C from foods, but sometimes we just can’t eat that amount of oranges, berries etc so I will often supplement with vitamin C tablets during winter which can help fight infection and shorten the length of a cold.

Essential oils

There are so many powerful essential oils for colds and flus. Just this week I had a friend of mine make up an essential oil roller ball bottle that I can keep on me and use every single day. I roll it on my wrists, my chest and then inhale it. It is lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary.
And last but not least….


Hydration is key so drink lots of water when you are sick and stay well hydrated.
I hope you stay healthy and germ free this winter, but if you do get struck down by a cold or the flu, I hope my remedies will help overcome it quickly.